Stephanie works in the tech team as a Product Manager. Here is a bit more about what her role involves.

Who are you and what do you do here at MarketInvoice?

I’m Stephanie and I work in the tech team at MarketInvoice as a Product Manager. My role is really varied but in a nutshell I talk to customers and various business teams and try to prioritise what work our tech team needs to do to build a great product and experience for our customers.

What are some of the challenges you are facing in your role?

There’s always something extra urgent for a particular customer as well as work the tech team wants to do in order to make us “future-proof”. So for me a big challenge, but part of the fun, is balancing short high impact work with longer term goals.

What have you enjoyed about working at MarketInvoice so far?

The people are great, both the teams that I work with as well as people you tend to just see when you socialise after drinks on Friday. There’s a lot of autonomy and opportunity available to people here if you have a clear line of thinking and want to try something out and learn quickly.

What have you done at MarketInvoice that you are proud of?

I was the product owner for our new whole ledger product MarketInvoice Pro. It was really fun to pull together as a whole team to deliver this new product within one quarter. Already we have loads of great feedback from customers saying that the online experience is so much more faster and transparent than traditional products they’ve used before.

What do you hope the future at MarketInvoice involves for you?

I’m about to start on a different squad focusing more on the supply side of our business, helping our risk and operations teams optimise in ways that can give value to even more of our customers. That’ll be a bit more of a technical challenge for me but I’m looking forward to it.