What is your role and what does it involve?

My main focus in 2017 was leading our re-brand, which went live on November 1st. This was a huge project that involved everything from research and strategy to creative development and design.

We’re loving our new look and feel, but that’s just the beginning. As our business continues to grow, it’s my job to help ensure that we’re delivering a consistent brand experience across every touchpoint. We want everyone – our customers, partners and investors – to feel that doing business with us is quick and easy.

Collaboration is king here at MarketInvoice. My role includes working closely with teams from across the business to develop content strategy and communications for a variety of audiences.

What are some of the challenges you are facing?

If an SME needs finance for their businesses, typically their first port of call is their bank. While fintech is becoming more prevalent in today’s financial services landscape, it has a long way to go with regards to awareness. Furthermore, since we don’t have the same legacy as a traditional funder, we have an added challenge of proving our track record and instilling trust in our business model.

One of our major initiatives as a Marketing team in 2018 is to raise MarketInvoice’s profile as a quick and easy way for businesses to get funding.

What have you enjoyed about working at MI so far?

The notion of positivity sits at the core of our brand and is a trait that you see across the business. One of my favourite things about MarketInvoice is the focus we have on supporting each other.

One of our values is 1Team1Dream, which means we work together to get things done. Everyone has a voice and we listen to each other’s opinions.

Another great part of my job is getting to meet with our customers. It’s fascinating to learn about a variety of different sectors and how our funding makes a difference to their businesses.

What kind of person is going to be successful at MI?

Things here are constantly evolving and moving at a very fast pace. It’s an exciting atmosphere to be in, albeit a very busy one. We’re always looking for people with big ideas, a great attitude and lots of energy!

What are you hoping to achieve in the future at MarketInvoice?

It’s an exciting time at MarketInvoice. With the re-brand, we’ve evolved our positioning from invoice finance platform to business finance company. With our growing range of solutions, we’re now able to help even more businesses access funding.

There’s so much opportunity to grow our brand and position in the market. We’re looking forward to some great initiatives this year to help drive awareness of our offering. Ultimately, we want MarketInvoice to be the go-to choice for business finance.