What sets Data Science apart at MarketInvoice?

Teams across the business are keen to get insights and automated decisioning from the Data Science team. This means we get to work with lots of different teams and learn domain expertise from them. Once our analysis is complete they are keen to make use of it as soon as possible, so we move quickly to implementation and can see the impact of our work immediately.

If we see room for improvement in our work, we have the freedom try new approaches. Even if this fails, we identify the learning from this and adapt our approach accordingly.

Describe your role here.

I lead the Data Science team who are responsible for producing predictive models, data analysis/insights and data for the business to self-serve. This means I have to prioritise the Data Science projects that will help us achieve the company objectives and then manage the team to deliver on this.

What are the best parts about working here?

Seeing the impact the Data Science team has on the business, particularly in terms of influencing decision making.

Being part of a great Tech team (engineering, product, data science and design) with the opportunity to collaborate and learn from them on different projects.

Working with sophisticated modelling techniques and exploring alternative approaches. We are often able to get better results with approaches like this compared to those I have seen used in more traditional bank environments.

Most challenging parts?

Prioritising how the team spends their time. There are lots of opportunities for us to have an impact, so we have to make the best use of our time to help achieve the company’s objectives.

What does success mean to you, particularly within Data Science?

Success to me means the overall success of MarketInvoice – helping our customers and scaling up. The Data Science team works across the business, so we feel very much a part of this overall success.

Within the Data Science team, we have KPIs to track our performance. Overall, success looks like a team that collaborate and learn from one another, aren’t afraid to make mistakes and deliver the most impact to the rest of the business.