We consider our bright, talented and motivated people to be one of our biggest assets and we’re excited to be in a period of high growth. We understand interviews can be very different and a little daunting, so we wanted to let you know what to expect at MarketInvoice. We hope it helps!

Let’s chat

We’ve noticed your application or come across your profile and are interested in having a chat. The first step is for someone from our Talent team to arrange a phone call with you.

We’ll ask a series of questions about your professional experience and career journey to date as well as MarketInvoice as a company. We’ll be checking for core competencies, interest, motivations and how they align with the role and what we’ve got going on here. We do like these calls to be free-flowing, so if you have any questions about us or the role, feel free to ask away!

Show us what you’re made of

A critical stage of our interview process is for you to complete a ‘work sample’ (usually at home but sometimes on-site). We’ll send/set you a few questions or a short exercise to see how you’d handle a real work scenario here at MarketInvoice. It’s also a great opportunity for you to get a taste for the type of problems you’ll be solving in your role.

It shouldn’t take you more than a couple of hours and the sooner you send it over, the sooner we can get started reviewing it… We aim to get back to you with our feedback within 3 working days.

Nice to meet you

We were really impressed with the work sample, which demonstrated your skills and other attributes suited to do the role. It’s now time to get you in for a face-to-face interview with one of our hiring managers!

Check the details in your calendar invite to find out the time of your interview, the interviewer details and any other relevant instructions. We advise arriving 5 minutes before. We believe in a relaxed, smart-casual working environment so please don’t feel the need to go out and buy a new suit – unless that’s your thing of course!

Your interview will probably last around 45 minutes to an hour but don’t be alarmed if it’s slightly shorter or runs over – it’s not necessarily an indicator of failure or success. Our interviews include competency and behavioural based interview questions to work out between us all if this would be the right career move for you.

Independent and values alignment interviews: all things culture

After we have all (you included) had time to evaluate our previous conversations and assessments, we’ll ask you to come back in for your independent and values alignment interviews.

Our culture and environment are critical to your success here at MarketInvoice. After all, you’ll be spending a lot of your time here. Make sure you consider whether it aligns with your own values, culture ideals and ways of working.

There will be plenty of time for you to ask us questions so we recommend you come with a few in mind. Don’t hold back, this is your chance to find out as much as you can about MarketInvoice, the team and any final views on the job at hand!

Independent: This is to see how you’ll operate cross-functionally (we’re going agile and building squads for work streams). It’s also to check on core industry knowledge and specific skills in areas that the hiring manager wants to explore from a different angle. This typically takes up to 45 minutes.

Values alignment: You will then be joined by one of our culture ambassadors who will turn the focus of the interview to our core MarketInvoice values. We don’t believe in culture fit (no one wants to be boxed into somewhere) but rather values alignment and culture add. That’s why these questions are focussed on the behavioural traits we’re looking for that work well in this business. This also take about 45 minutes.

Culture is really important to us; we work, celebrate, share ideas, eat (lots of biscuits) and are always learning together as a team. Our values are central to how we work and interact with each other, so this final stage of the interview process is crucial.


You’ve made it through the final stage and our Talent team will call you with a decision and to provide feedback. This usually happens within 3 days but, with so many great roles to fill at the moment, it can sometimes take a little longer than usual. Fingers crossed, we’ll be calling to give you some very exciting news.

If positive, the next step is to send you your offer in principle, followed by the usual reference checks and paperwork. Watch your inbox (and post box) for invitations to training sessions and a few other surprises in preparation of your first day. We’ll be looking forward to you getting started.

Now you know what to expect, we can’t wait to meet you! If you’ve already started the process, we wish you the best of luck. If not, what are you waiting for? Head over to our Careers page and grab hold of your next big job opportunity!

Our commitments to you


We’ll get back to every candidate, from application stage onwards. In some cases this can take a little longer than anticipated because of the sheer volume of applications we receive. Here are our typical response times:

  • Application: 1 – 4 weeks
  • Phone screen feedback: 3 – 5 days
  • Work sample feedback: 3 days
  • Stage 1 interview: 3 – 5 days
  • Stage 2 (final): 3 – 5 days


Recruitment is a team activity which everyone in the business contributes to. We promise to make it as consistent and seamless as possible, treating you as if you’re part of the team too. If you don’t receive the service you’d expect, please contact the Talent team at recruitment@marketinvoice.com


We’re not perfect, no one is. We’re constantly iterating and improving our processes and candidate experience. We’re open to feedback and are always looking for ways to do better. In this same spirit, we’ll also try to provide feedback with as much detail as we can and hope that you find it useful.

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