As our business scales, we’ve been looking at ways to provide engaging, high quality learning and development opportunities for our team. The latest addition to our People team is a Learning and Development Lead who’ll be implementing a world class training and development strategy. Her goal is to create an interactive experience where our people can learn to the fullest extent because they’re curious, challenged and fully participating.

What does your role at MarketInvoice involve?

I’m here to leverage MarketInvoice’s current Learning and Development function to help inspire and empower a culture of growth and development across the business. My first priority is implementing a new onboarding process to ensure all our new joiners have a consistent experience that sets them up to be successful in their roles. I think it’s important that we provide a variety of training that isn’t just on the job and classroom-based but also external, online and of course from peers and other people internally.

What are you most excited about?

I’m excited to see the amazing things we’ll accomplish with our new tools! I want to implement new training pathways that help everyone to succeed and build a long-lasting career at MarketInvoice. Regardless of role and background, we’ll give everyone the same foundation to excel. I’ll support teams and managers to achieve their potential through learning and development and look forward to a lot of success stories off the back of it.

What is your current view on the learning culture at MarketInvoice? With #AlwaysBeLearning as one of our core values, it’s evident that learning and development is already firmly embedded in our culture. One of my favourite examples of this is the fact that every member of the team is given a Kindle and unlimited ebooks. Not only is this a great perk but it also shows a real holistic approach to learning and development.

What are the top 3 things that learning and development bring to MarketInvoice?

  • Ownership: It gives people the resources to be more independent and excel in their role.
  • Collaboration: It’s important that everyone is using their expertise and sharing their knowledge internally to help everyone else. After all, we have such an intelligent team of individuals with so much to offer and 70% of our learning is done on the job.
  • Professional growth: Learning and development will most definitely keep people more engaged within their role. Everyone will be able to build a clear career pathway and be given the flexibility to grow their career in a direction that suits them.