What is your role at MarketInvoice and what does it involve?

At MarketInvoice we wear many hats. My role here is to work with the teams across the business to make sure that brokers, accountants and small businesses alike all know about the amazing work we’re doing to help entrepreneurs build the world we all want to live in

What projects have you been working on over the last few months? Share some of the best and most challenging aspects of being involved in those.

I’ve been lucky enough to have been exposed to loads of things at MarketInvoice since starting here at the end of February. Some of the most exciting pieces have been around launching Small Business Wins, an accounting partnerships programme and having the chance to get hands-on in developing and growing the Barclays relationship we have.

What are we most likely to find you doing outside of work?

Outside of work I really enjoy cooking and eating delicious food from all around the world which means I have to spend time in the gym burning off all the extra calories.

What advice would you give to someone considering a career in Fintech?

Be prepared for the most exciting part of your career! Things will happen faster than you can imagine. Some days you’ll go home exhausted and wonder if what you’re doing is actually making a difference, but other days you’ll know those days of exhaustion were all worth it!

One of the most challenging parts of working at MarketInvoice is sometimes the pace at which we move. Keeping up with an ever moving goalpost can become difficult at times – but seeing so many things happen so fast is really rewarding!

Describe the culture at MarketInvoice in 3 words.

Exciting / Energising / Inspiring

You’re growing your team at the moment. Tell us a bit about the kind of people you’re looking to hire.

As MarketInvoice grows, we’re looking for some of the most ambitious, talented and go-getter marketeers to come and join our team. If that sounds like you, visit our careers page and apply!