There are numerous challenges which businesses of all sizes face on a daily basis, one of which is keeping cash flow stable and healthy. Many businesses are looking for cash flow solutions to help with everything from day-to-day operations to growth.

Alternative finance, which involves getting funding from non-traditional sources, has become incredibly popular for solving cash flow issues. Here is some information on how alternative finance options can help.

Finance options

Many people assume that bank loans are the only way to finance a business. There are in fact more and more alternatives available to the average entrepreneur or business owner. It’s now becoming much harder for growing businesses to secure funding from traditional lenders, and cash flow solutions can be difficult to come by.

Alternative finance options often offer very favourable terms to those who use them. They stimulate cash flow immediately by providing instant access to funding, which gets money moving through the business.

Invoice discounting is one form of alternative finance which allows you to bypass (often lengthy) invoice payment waiting times through being advanced much of the invoice’s value by a lender. This allows you to have instant access to cash which you otherwise would have to wait for.

Promoting growth

The funds secured from alternative sources are often used to initiate growth in the business, through investing in things like new staff, a new marketing strategy or new equipment. These in turn help to boost cash flow as they improve the service/product which is being offered, bringing in more paying customers.

Even businesses which are already growing and flourishing can benefit from alternative finance. Having access to more funds to work with means speeding up growth as a result. This in turn allows for a greater level of self-sufficiency and can accelerate them towards completing their overarching business goals.

Investing in the future

Having the backing of an effective alternative finance provider can pay dividends in the long run, and ultimately result in a more stable, confident business. It also means that you can have peace of mind that you have a safety net for the future.

A strong cash flow means that you can plan ahead with ease, as you don’t have to worry about funding drying up. Having a system in place to ensure that cash flow remains healthy is one of the most effective ways of ensuring sustained success through every step of the business’s lifetime.

Cash flow solutions with MarketInvoice

At MarketInvoice we offer industry leading cash flow solutions to growing businesses of all different types and sizes. Our invoice discounting solutions provide you with an advance against your outstanding customer invoices, so you can bypass lengthy payment waiting times with ease.

By using our invoice discounting solutions, you can be sure that your cash flow will receive the boost it needs, whenever it needs. We respond within 24 hours of receiving an application, and have provided thousands of UK businesses with more than £1 billion worth of funding in total.