Smith & Sinclair is taking a whole new twist on the cocktail – transforming classic tipples into alcoholic gummies! We met with co-founder Melanie Goldsmith to learn more about the Edible Cocktails that are creating a buzz across the UK.

Smith & Sinclair was born out of an idea to develop an engaging, unique social experience for Londoners. Melanie and her co-founder Emile Bernard decided to create a board game night. But there was a bit of a challenge – drinking a cocktail while playing a board game is tricky. Not to mention sticky and messy if spilled. Rather than having a standard spirits bar, they had an idea – why not create a surprise-and-delight experience by providing Edible Cocktails instead?

Dotted around the venue were large jars, filled with brightly coloured, sugar-coated gummies…with a twist. Each giant fruit pastille was comprised of the key elements found in a cocktail – spirits, mixers and garnish. They were created to retain half a shot of alcohol and were available in a range of flavours like Gin & Tonic, Whisky Sour and Berry Daiquiri. The alcoholic gummies were a big hit. In addition to selling product at live events and experiences like Secret Cinema, Melanie and Emile had set up a market stall on Berwick Street. Within a week, they secured a massive order from the UK’s largest Alcoholic Trading show.

Scaling the business at a rapid rate caused a cash flow challenge for the business, Melanie explains: “We were in a position where we needed to increase cash flow to purchase supplies, get additional office space and hire new staff to meet demand. We’ve upscaled by 400% this year. We’ve gone from producing 3,000 pastilles a day to 20,000. Whereas we were ordering a hundred kilos of sugar for a week we’re now ordering five thousand.”

Smith & Sinclair was interested in getting funding through a business loan and came to MarketInvoice for a quick and easy cash flow solution.

Melanie said: “MarketInvoice were really honest about what they could fund and made the whole process very quick and simple.”

When we asked about the highlights of Smith & Sinclair’s story so far, Melanie referenced their growth into major retailers. She said: “Definitely the launch in John Lewis with our own concession space.”

“It’s a really proud moment to see our brand come to life in such a true physical way and to have such a good team to celebrate what’s been done over the last four years.” Smith & Sinclair plans to grow their brand and product range internationally over the next few years. Melanie adds: “We want to be known as brand that you can expect something different from every time that’s at the forefront of innovation at every point.”

A big thanks to Melanie for taking the time to meet with us! Check out our video for a behind-the-scenes look and more from Smith & Sinclair!