Introducing MarketInvoice Pro

Over the past 5 years we’ve helped thousands of businesses across the UK access funding through our invoice finance platform. Our ambition is to help many more and that’s why we’ve launched our brand new service: MarketInvoice Pro.

MarketInvoice Pro is a scalable credit line backed by all of the invoices that a company has outstanding. Designed for growing and larger businesses with a regular funding need, it offers a funding line that businesses can draw down when they need to, subject to funds being available.

What makes our service unique is the work we’ve done to integrate our systems with the top accounting software packages, making risk underwriting and ongoing draw-downs an easy and hassle-free experience.

Why Invest in MarketInvoice Pro?

MarketInvoice Pro is an expansion of our current investment offering and allows investors to directly support businesses whilst earning attractive net yields1 in the range of 4% to 5%.

Enhanced Security

MarketInvoice Pro is an asset-based financing service, providing a revolving finance facility to businesses secured by all of their outstanding invoices as opposed to a single invoice. This reduces investment risk due to:

  • Increased number and diversification of debtors that repay invoices
  • Greater amount of collateral against the amount advanced
  • Businesses that use this service are larger compared to the ones using our selective invoice finance service

Increased Deployment

Businesses using the revolving facility are committed to MarketInvoice for a period of six to twelve months. On average, these businesses have a more regular need for funding, and therefore are drawing down higher amounts a more consistent basis. This provides an opportunity for investors to increase deployment in their portfolios while retaining a similar liquidity profile.

Enhanced Risk Management

MarketInvoice Pro leverages the risk underwriting experience of our existing service. In addition, it involves a thorough due-diligence of the business and greater on-going monitoring through integrations with popular accounting software packages such as Xero and Sage. This provides us with valuable data to improve our risk-underwriting capabilities.

How to invest in MarketInvoice Pro

Investors can participate in MarketInvoice Pro trades either through manual bidding or through the Auto Bid system.

To participate via Auto Bid please review your account settings and tick the box to ‘include whole ledger trade’, as shown below:

If you have any questions about MarketInvoice Pro, or any aspect of your investment, please contact the investor relations team on 020 3761 0516 or at

1 Net Yield = Gross yield minus crystallised losses and MarketInvoice servicing fees.