November has been a big month for MarketInvoice. We’ve officially said goodbye to the old look and are excited to share some background on our new identity!

Same mission, new positioning

Our mission has always been to make it easy for entrepreneurs to get funding for their businesses. Since 2011, we’ve provided over £1 billion to UK businesses through our invoice finance solutions. But we’re not stopping there.

This month, we’ve launched our business loans solution to broaden our reach and help even more companies access working capital. Our new brand reflects our updated positioning as a business finance company and embodies our belief in the positivity that comes from business growth.

Powered by positivity

The notion of positivity is at the core of our brand and was one of the key inspirations for our new brand identity. Businesses can face a lot of complexity and challenge when it comes to getting funding, so we wanted our new brand to be a bright, bold change to the status quo.

Positivity comes to life throughout our brand – from our logo and colours to our typography and tone of voice.

We worked with creative agency SomeOne to develop the new brand. Laura Hussey, Creative Partner, explains: “Our strategy was to create a brand that is progressive, friendly and positive. MarketInvoice have an amazing reputation for their customer service, they can solve almost any businesses problem and to do that well, collaboration with their clients is vital.”

More than just a logo

We believe in the spirit of working together – with our customers, investors and partners. This sense of collaboration is reflected in our new visual identity.

The M in the logo is split in two different parts, with one side representing MarketInvoice and the other representing our partners, investors and customers.

Duality crosses into all of our assets, not just our logo. This can also be seen in our typography, iconography and brand property.

Summing it up

Our new tagline – LET’S MAKE IT HAPPEN – represents our positive mindset and dedication to partnership. It’s about being proactive, working together and getting stuff done. Every entrepreneur has ambitions for their business – and we’re here to help with that.

Simon Manchipp, Executive Strategic Creative Director at SomeOne, explains: “It was clear there was a huge brand opportunity in developing a visible strategy to embody the MarketInvoice can-do and proactive attitude. ‘Let’s Make It Happen’ was developed as the chosen way to describe not just what they do, but why they do it.”

Saying thanks

It’s been quite a journey to get to the new brand! There have been lots of meetings, concepts, designs and revisions to get to where we are today. A big thanks to SomeOne for challenging us to think big and for creating brilliant work.