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A fireside chat with Evidential

31 Mar 2020 | Sean goes on the record about building Evidential, a business at the forefront of Electronic Presentation of Evidence (EPE) in the criminal justice system.

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Customer story: baa ram ewegrowing business club

Customer story: baa ram ewe

31 Mar 2020 | Find out how this small team of new hand knitting aficionados in rural Leeds plans to make Yorkshire world famous for wool production once more.

Shaking things up with Viv Parrygrowing business club

Shaking things up with Viv Parry

07 Mar 2020 | In the spirit of International Women’s Day, Viv Parry, founder of Be Amazing, shares her views on smashing down barriers and coming together as a community.

Founder to founder: The Buy-Side Clubgrowing business club

Founder to founder: The Buy-Side Club

27 Feb 2020 | We had The Buy-Side Club Founder and CEO, Lee Higgins, over to MarketFinance HQ recently to share his story of reinventing the recruitment system.

Founder to founder: KH Homesgrowing business club

Founder to founder: KH Homes

29 Jan 2020 | We chat to Chuks Uwaechia, Co-founder and Director of KH Homes, about scaling his business and why he believes real success lies in social consciousness.

Founder to founder: Infinity Energy Organisationgrowing business club

Founder to founder: Infinity Energy Organisation

15 Jan 2020 | Marvin Patel, serial entrepreneur and founder of Infinity Energy Organisation, shares his story of building a multi-million-pound business from scratch.

Customer story – Nonsensegrowing business club

Customer story – Nonsense

29 Aug 2019 | We chat to partners Rob, Will and Nick about their agency that specialises in ideas of real substance; the kind that build brand credibility.

Customer story – Crate Brewerygrowing business club

Customer story – Crate Brewery

03 May 2019 | We chat to Crate Brewery, located in London's Hackney Wick, about their impressive growth story and exciting plans for the future.

Barclays customer story – STS 2000growing business club

Barclays customer story – STS 2000

12 Mar 2019 | We’re working with Barclays to support a wide range of UK businesses including STS 2000, a specialist IT services provider.

Customer story – The Craft Drink Companygrowing business club

Customer story – The Craft Drink Company

04 Mar 2019 | We chat to Richard Chamberlain, Founder and MD, about building The Craft Drink Company from scratch and the big moments the business has had along the way.

Barclays customer story – Tentsilegrowing business club

Barclays customer story – Tentsile

04 Feb 2019 | Tentsile is disrupting the camping industry with their award-winning tree tents and hammocks. We chat to them about their off-the-ground business journey.

Customer story – Path59growing business club

Customer story – Path59

30 Nov 2018 | Path59 helps companies in traditional industries get to grips with digital transformation. We chat to Merje Shaw, founder and MD, about Path59's journey.

Customer story – Certaingrowing business club

Customer story – Certain

30 Oct 2018 | We spoke to Phil Dean, founder and MD, about his agency's focus on not only on producing great work, but also on being a great business to work with.

Customer story – Kat Maconiegrowing business club

Customer story – Kat Maconie

19 Sep 2018 | Block heels, strong prints, metallic hardware and graphic silhouettes. These signature details are synonymous with Kat Maconie's boundary-pushing footwear.

Customer story – Mobstagrowing business club

Customer story – Mobsta

22 Aug 2018 | Mobsta is the fastest growing location geo-targeting specialist in the UK. John Scorah, Co-founder and Director, tells us about their 8-year journey.

Customer story – Bright Networkgrowing business club

Customer story – Bright Network

29 May 2018 | Bright Network are disrupting the £32.2b recruitment industry with their data-driven platform that matches bright graduate talent with the best UK employers.

Customer story – Skandel Boathousegrowing business club

Customer story – Skandel Boathouse

26 Apr 2018 | MarketInvoice provided immediate funding which meant we could address our cash flow challenges straight away and move forward with running the business.

Customer story – Smith & Sinclairgrowing business club

Customer story – Smith & Sinclair

08 Jan 2018 | We met with co-founder Melanie Goldsmith to learn more about the Edible Cocktails that are creating a buzz across the UK.

Catching up with Health iQgrowing business club

Catching up with Health iQ

16 Nov 2017 | We catch up with Health iQ’s CEO Jilani Gulam and CFO Christopher Clark to learn how they use real world data insight to improve and save lives across the UK.

Founder to founder: A chat with FanFindersgrowing business club

Founder to founder: A chat with FanFinders

27 Sep 2017 | Anil meets with Alec and Adam from FanFinders, an online platform that helps connect family and beauty brands and retailers with their target audience.

Founder to Founder: A chat with ‘The Pricing People’growing business club

Founder to Founder: A chat with ‘The Pricing People’

23 Aug 2017 | We talk to James Ussher-Smith from The Pricing People, a company that’s leveraging technology to create efficiency in the retail sector.

Ales by Mail – disrupting the craft beer sectorgrowing business club

Ales by Mail – disrupting the craft beer sector

26 Jul 2017 | Getting to know Ales by Mail, a MarketInvoice fan since 2015. They source and sell an impressive range of craft beers and deliver them straight to your door.

Founder to Founder: A chat with PH Conversionsgrowing business club

Founder to Founder: A chat with PH Conversions

27 Jun 2017 | Anil meets MarketInvoice customer PH Conversions, a family-run Manchester-based company who convert new vans and other vehicles into ambulances and police cars.