Business credit cards are good for small expenses but won't grow in line with your business.

Relying on credit cards can be expensive in the long run, and any issues with repayment may affect your credit rating and ability to get finance later on.

Invoice finance can offer higher limits that will scale with your business, without the credit risk.

MarketFinanceBusiness overdrafts
LimitsFlexible limits of up to £3m, which scale as your business grows.Typically £1-5k, inflexible and rely on credit rating rather than revenue.
FlexibilityYou pick and choose the invoices you want to finance.Use when you like, but can impact your credit rating.
CostSimple fee structure. Pay interest only on what you need.Fixed, high interest rate and charges for going over your limit.
SpeedApply online in just 15 minutes, decision within 24 hours.Up to 2 weeks to apply and receive the card.
ServiceLog in anytime to see your account or speak to your dedicated account manager.Paper statements and customer service call centres.

MarketFinance's offering

We offer a range of funding solutions that could help your business, including contract finance, selective invoice discounting, confidential invoice discounting and loans.

It’s quick and easy to access funds, which means you can get the cash flow you need to get on with business. With MarketFinance, you get:

  • Fast funding: quick funding decisions and set-up
  • Hassle free experience: easy to use digital interface
  • Help in real-time: personal customer support
  • Straightforward costs: no hidden fees