Refer a new business to us

You’ll get £800 in gift vouchers to say thank you.

Please provide your information and the details of the company you'd like to refer.


  1. This offer is open to referrers who are existing MarketFinance Selective Invoice Discounting (SID) or Confidential Invoice Discounting (CID) customers only (a “Referrer”).
  2. To be eligible for this offer a Referrer must refer to MarketFinance a new customer who trades an invoice on the MI Platform under an SID or CID facility within 3 months of the date of being referred to MarketFinance (“Eligible Trade”).
  3. Where a referred customer makes their first Eligible Trade in accordance with condition 2 above, the Referrer will receive up to £800 in gift vouchers. This credit is not redeemable for a cash value and is non-transferable.
  4. To be eligible for this offer the referred customer must not be an existing or former customer of MarketFinance.
  5. This offer is subject to an award at the absolute discretion of MarketFinance.
  6. This offer is open to any eligible referrals made using this web page before 12am on September 30, 2018, subject to MarketFinance reserving the right to withdraw this offer to new entrants by placing a notice on at any time.