Case Study

Health iQ

Data insights for the pharmaceutical industry

Founded in 2011, Health iQ provides healthcare analytics to the pharmaceutical industry.


Cash flow need: Hiring staff; research + development
Solution: Selective invoice discounting, contract option

How MarketFinance helps

Health iQ has a large blue-chip client base, which means they deal with payment terms of up to 100 days after they invoice. They use MarketFinance to bring cash forward for the research and development of new products. Our online platform gives them quick and easy access to funding and the integration with Xero makes managing invoices simple. This means that Health iQ can spend less time on finance admin and more time coming up with new ideas to revolutionise the pharmaceutical industry in the UK.

"Using MarketFinance gives us confidence that we don’t need to worry about things operationally. It’s an easy way for us to access funds for growth and to keep business running smoothly."

Jilani Gulam / CEO

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