Case Study

Skandel Boathouse

Premium seafood supplier

Skandel Boathouse source and supply Nordic, Arctic and British seafood – unparalleled in quality and freshness – to some of the top restaurants and hotels around the UK.


Cash flow need: Paying staff and suppliers; funding growth + expansion
Solution: Confidential invoice discounting

How MarketFinance helps

When Skandel Boathouse started winning contracts with big hotels, their turnover grew a hundredfold in a matter of months. We helped them fund this growth as they improved their delivery capabilities and took on new premises. With confidential invoice discounting, they can meet their existing commitments while exploring new retail opportunities, expanding internationally and working on media passion projects.

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"We decided to come to MarketFinance because they offer an innovative solution and are far more driven towards entrepreneurs like ourselves."

Alex Crabb / Partner

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