Use MarketPay to double your purchase power with Exertis

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MarketPay is quick, simple and completely free to use. With MarketPay, you can:

  • Free up credit with Exertis and double your purchasing power

  • Spread you invoice payments over 3 months, interest-free

MarketPay can be used for any live order you want to make or existing live invoice you already have. Once you’ve submitted the order or invoice for MarketPay to fund online, we pay Exertis immediately. So you can buy more of the tech your business needs to grow.

Here's how it works

STEP 1: Register

Register for MarketPay below to double your Exertis credit limit

STEP 2: Activate

Activate your free MarketPay account by entering the invoice or order you want to pay later

STEP 3: Relax

Leave the rest to us. Once we've confirmed the amount we'll pay Exertis and debit your account in 3 monthly instalments

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If you have any questions, get in touch with our team at

Otherwise, activate your account to get started.


  • What is MarketFinance?

  • MarketFinance is a leading UK FinTech business lender that has been operating for 10 years. They deliver flexible finance solutions to solve the cash flow issues that get in the way of progress and have processed over £20 billion in payments for UK businesses.
  • Why is Exertis offering this?

  • Exertis is partnering with MarketPay to give you more flexible payment options and more credit to spend.
  • How does MarketPay work?

  • When you use MarketPay on a live order or invoice, they pay Exertis immediately. Your outstanding balance with Exertis will be reduced, freeing up the credit on your account. You then pay MarketPay directly in 3 interest-free monthly instalments and keep using your Exertis credit to buy more.
  • Will this affect my credit score?

  • No! Using MarketPay won’t affect your credit score as no company credit searches are made.
  • What does this cost?

  • MarketPay is completely free for you to use. The only thing we ask is for your feedback so we can continue to offer new ways to help businesses thrive.
  • What can I use MarketPay on?

  • You can use MarketPay on any new order or live invoice (which is an that has been delivered but not yet paid for)

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