Our platform connects investors with creditworthy UK companies looking for business loans or invoice finance. Investors can earn returns between 10-12%* for business loans and 4-6%* for invoice finance.

*A minimum investment of £50,000 required. Actual returns may vary. Your capital is at risk.

The UK Government-backed British Business Investments is funding invoices through MarketFinance




Company valuations are the talk of the town. We wanted to get an understanding of how much emphasis business owners are placing on company valuation, what drives or stalls it and if it's really going up for UK SMEs.

We’ve identified that while many business owners consider company valuation to be a top priority, few are substantially increasing theirs. They do however acknowledge that the right kind of finance can really help drive that number.

Our conclusion: it’s imperative that business owners stay focused on their product or service offering and ensure the fundamentals are right first. This is as much about managing cash flow and working capital as it is about having the right people in the right roles. When you get the basics in place, the rest will take care of itself.

Why invest with MarketFinance

Our investment platform is perfect for asset managers, corporate treasuries and sophisticated investors from around the globe.


Grow your portfolio

Grow your money at higher rates than traditional investments. Investing with MarketFinance can earn you average net annualized returns of approximately 5%.*

Twofold diversification

With invoice finance you can have hundreds of assets in your portfolio and still maintain a low correlation with other traditional investment products at the same time.

Smart risk management

We use thousands of data points to build our state-of-the-art risk model. See our track record here.

Access your money quickly

There is no minimum investment lock-up period. Maintain a liquid portfolio and withdraw uninvested funds at any time.

Simple online platform

Our online platform makes it easy for you to analyse and manage your investments.

Growing product range

We offer a range of solutions, from invoice finance to business loans, to suit diverse investor profiles.
"Investing in invoices is complementary to holding a securities portfolio, and its contractual income characteristics are particularly attractive at this time when valuations of traditional assets appear stretched."

Oliver Jory / MarketFinance Investor since 2012

Start growing your portfolio today

* A minimum investment of £50,000 required.

How to Invest

in 3 simple steps

Businesses upload invoices

Approved businesses upload invoices to the platform. Then, invoice details are verified with the end customer and we price the invoices based on risk, before we list them on the marketplace, for you to invest.

Investors buy invoices

Set your investment criteria and invest automatically into fractions of invoices. You can also select invoices manually - it's up to you.


Invoices on the platform are repaid according to contractual terms. At the time of the repayment we’ll return the principle amount plus discount back to your account, ready to reinvest.

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Madeleine Kenyon

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Please note that the products and any associated services mentioned above are only available to sophisticated investors, high net worth individuals, limited companies and institutions. For the avoidance of doubt, such products and services are not available to retail investors. MarketFinance is not covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme. We endeavour to reduce risks to investors. However, investing in any investment product places your capital at risk, and so does purchasing invoices through MarketFinance. Your capital is at risk.

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*Returns depend on your personal risk profile. See our latest statistics