Embed buy-now-pay-later in your marketplace

Use MarketPay to allow your marketplace sellers to receive instant payment for goods or services, and allow your marketplace buyers to pay later over 90 days. Optimise working capital for your marketplace users with our plug and play solution, drive larger and more frequent transactions and boost user satisfaction.

Here's how it works

STEP 1: Buyer validation
Send us a list of your potentially suitable buyers. We conduct high-level checks to confirm suitability (none of these checks or searches will affect credit scores)

STEP 2: Seller validation
Identify the Sellers that would benefit from instant payment from MarketPay

STEP 3: Create connection with MarketPay
Insert “Pay with MarketPay” option at check-out or within your transaction confirmation journey, we handle the rest and ensure payments are made to sellers and collected from buyers. You’ll have full visibility.

STEP 4: Optimise
Work collaboratively with MarketPay to educate sellers and buyers on your marketplace. We’re open to revenue-share arrangements where you can drive good adoption of MarketPay within your marketplace.

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Offer sellers instant payment on day 1

Use MarketPay to give instant funds to your marketplace sellers, allow them to sell more with bigger basket sizes and improve their check-out conversion rates.

Using MarketPay, you’re optimising the cash flow for your marketplace sellers and powering their revenue growth.

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Offer buyers the chance to pay-later over 90 days

Offer buyers the chance to pay-later over 90 days so they don’t have to worry about having cash on hand on Day 1 to settle transactions.

Optimise their working capital allowing them to make larger orders and more frequently. Power their revenue growth.

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Our fee ranges between 0.5 and 3% of the transaction value and is determined by payment volume and the risk profile of your buyer community.

Don’t worry, we’ll discuss pricing up front so any fees are well understood and make sense for all parties.

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